Our goodwill is for maintaining the quality of Ayurvedic treatment. We follow the traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. In this busy and modern world, busy life schedule, polluted environment, reduced resources, Stress and Strain every individuals are becoming ill by one or another way. Keeping alive a proud tradition of healthy living envisaged as a centre of healing. We adopt a holistic approach to health care. We offer a new lease of life to the suffering humanity in a homely atmosphere. We believe that “LIFE“ MEANS LIVING IN GOOD HEALTH AND JOY. We are specialized for curing cases in chronic diseases, trauma, paralysis, rheumatism, bone disorder, permanent body pain etc., under the special guidance of our highly qualified doctors and eminent professionals in Ayurvedic treatments.

Our Practitioners

Kim is a certified Svastha Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, and she is your Svastha Yoga teacher at the Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Wellnes
Scott is a highly skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner with 11 years of clinical experience.